About the Project

What is the Women’s Project About?

The Women’s Project is a project dedicated to women who live in urban communities. Our main goal was to create an urban soap opera video series based on women’s real stories about their relationships with men. We explored reasons why women engaged in unprotected sex with male partners that they distrusted. Groups were held with women in the urban northeast and those discussions were analyzed to form the basis to the stories told in this work. The videos resonate with women’s trials and tribulations in relationships with men. They also show women as they grow and change and their wisdom emerges. Women are shown realistically and with the respect they deserve.

We tested this video series and learned that after watching, women did change, lowering risk, taking better care of themselves, listening to that voice that says “I don’t really trust that he is with me only,” and acting on that awareness by using condoms. This project is about raising awareness that there are choices and feeling the freedom to act on those choices. Often those choices mean using condoms. We will release these videos soon, but for now, please relax and watch the 43 minute pilot video, “A Story about Toni, Mike, and Valerie.”