Yasmine Weaver

Yasmine WeaverThis Virginia Beach, Virginia, native is an Actress/Model living in Jersey City, New Jersey. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University, she went on to become a News Reporter for FOX and ABC in Pennsylvania and hosted Wavelength, an entertainment TV show.

She has performed in numerous plays and independent films in the tri-state area. Ms. Weaver completed a one year program in Meisner Technique at the William Esper Studio in Manhattan, will and will continue Meisner Scene Study at The Neighborhood Playhouse.

Having experienced firsthand the impact of this health crisis on her family with the death of her grandfather from AIDS, Ms. Weaver explains that “It was an ultimate pleasure to partake in such a meaningful project. I hope we as actors have presented a realistic view on how HIV can spread and how prevention can save lives. If we have touched someone enough so that they may think about the consequences of living a risky lifestyle, then we have done our job and that is such a rewarding accomplishment!”