A Story About Toni, Mike, and Valerie

“This happened to me! A lot of people need to see this!”


At the end of A Story about Toni, Mike, and Valerie, the HIV risk reduction message is communicated as the heroine revisits each high-risk scene and, this time, re-enacts the scene with power, making different choices and with freedom to act intentionally, that is, to go after what she wants, and not be turned away from what she wants so that a man can get what he wants.

Yes, there are ways that both men and women in a relationship can be powerful together.
The viewer becomes involved in the characters’ dilemmas and how they transition to higher power sex scripts. By grounding the stories in urban women’s own experience, through the soap opera, women identify with the heroine’s emotionally charged process of change.

A Story about Toni, Mike, and Valerie was pilot tested on handheld computers. Handheld computers offer the advantages of privacy and mobility. In a randomized controlled pilot study, we found women who watched this video tended to feel less of a need to have unprotected sex to hold onto a man and also, that they enjoyed the videos on the small computers.

Cast & Crew

Martinique Moore


Played by Martinique Moore

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Benu Muhammad


Played by Benu Muhammad

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Yasmine Weaver


Played by Yasmine Weaver

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Vanessa Garcia


Played by Vanessa Garcia

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Amirah Stewart


Played by Amirah Stewart

Sysamsbe Moore


Played by Sysamsbe Moore

Jabari Clarke-Pennegan


Played by Jabari Clarke-Pennegan

Penelope Griffin

News Reporter

Played by Penelope Griffin

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Dorothy Wojcik


Played by Dorothy Wojcik

Story By

Rachel Jones, PhD, RN, FAAN
Marsha Oliver, RN, MS

Directed By

Alan Roth

Screenplay By

Martinique Moore
Vanessa Garcia
Tina Truncellito
Rachel Jones, PhD, RN, FAAN
Alan Roth

Crew Members

Camera: Alan Roth, Sikay Tang, Bhinish Shah
Music: Guillermo Brown, Evan O’Reilly
Digital Applications Specialist: Robert Nahory
Makeup Artist: Tina Truncellito
Production Assistants: Ian Pryzchodniez, Bhinish Shah