Passion Through Protection


In the “Women to Women Study of Relationships with Male Partners”, we learned that many women engage in patterns of unprotected sex, meaning that women may have unprotected sex to maintain hope, sensuality, intimacy, strategic gain, and stability with a male partner. However, there are women who felt that they had more choices. Women have power.

Power means women have an awareness about what they are choosing to do, they have a tendency to explore their available choices, they feel free to put their choices into action, and they are involved in making their choices happen. What we heard from women who were in touch with their power were comments like:

  • “You don’t own me.”
  • “Expecting sex is not all right.”
  • “Put yourself first you can’t always put the man before you.”
  • “It’s ok not to have sex with just anybody.”
  • “No means no and I know what I want.”

Cast & Crew

Yasmine Weaver


Played by Yasmine Weaver

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Laurence Covington


Played by Laurence Covington

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Kevin Nosworthy


Played by Kevin Nosworthy